About Us

Shorttc (short.tc) offers a free URL shortening (redirecting) service. No signup is needed to shorten your URLs. However signing up gives you added the advantage of being able to manage and access your links anytime.

Despite being a free service, we offer several innovative features not being provided by most paid shorteners.

How to use:

Just type in the long URL into the “paste a long URL box” and then click on "shorten" and you would be presented with a unique short.tc shortened link. It’s as simple as that.

Why use short.tc?

Complete analysis

Short.tc offers you a world of analytics not found on any other link shorteners. Our system allows you track all the data you desire. You can not only view the visitor’s country and the amount of click but can also know the referring domain and the average time spent on the site.

Unique Geotarget

This unique feature allows you to redirect users to different specialized pages in other to increase your conversion. If you have different web pages for specific countries, you can use this feature to bundle all pages into one URL. Just choose the country and input its specific URL.

Powerful dashboard

Our dashboard gives you an extensive control of all your data and activity. You can easily manage your URLs, create bundles, manage all your pages and carry out any settings.

Password Protect your links

Utilize our ultimate password protection to prevent unauthorized access to your links. You can set passwords on individual links to limit its access.

One-click social media share

You can easily share you shortened links directly on social media (Facebook, Twitter) with just a click, through your dashboard. This would increase engagement.

Data safety

Many URL shortening websites have huge security lapses. This creates a problem as your competitor can quickly grab the data and know your campaign strategy.

However, with short.tc, you don’t need to fear. We built the interface with your security and flexibility in mind.

Go ahead and check-out our services, you would be surprised what is possible.